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*Surveys that do require review and approval by local planning officials prior to recordation are:
1) subdivision surveys, where an existing parcel is being subdivided into two or more parcels;
2) boundary or property line adjustment surveys, where the boundary line between parcels is changed from the original survey or deed description, but no new parcels are created; and
3) any survey, by any other name, which changes a property line or creates new parcels or lots.
The purpose of the review for the above stated plats is to ensure that all plats put to record are meeting all applicable ordinances as referenced in the Amherst County Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance. See Attorney General Opinion AG-S-16 (08-105).
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I hereby certify that I have read and am familiar with the requirements for the submission of plats as provided for under the Subdivision Ordinance of the Code of Amherst County, and further that this submittal is in compliance with those requirements.
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