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In lieu of submitting a formal erosion and sediment control plan for development of this single family dwelling and/or appurtenant structure, I agree to comply with the requirements of the Virginia Erosion and Sediment Control Handbook, latest edition, and provide erosion control measures in accordance with the Handbook standards and specifications in order to protect against the transport of soil and sediment from the property. I further agree to comply with additional requirements deemed necessary by the Department of Community Development. Such requirements shall be based on established conservation standards and shall represent the minimum practices necessary to provide adequate control of erosion and sedimentation on or resulting from this development. As a minimum I agree to install the following prior to beginning any other land disturbing activity: 1. Silt fence or other protective measures where sediment from disturbed areas may leave the site. Protective measures must be provided before disturbing activity may commence. 2. A temporary stone construction entrance (or stable driveway) shall be provided wherever traffic will be entering a construction site and transporting mud directly onto a public or private road. 3. All denuded areas on the site shall be stabilized within seven (7) days of final grading with permanent vegetation or a protective ground cover suitable for the time of year. Temporary soil stabilization shall be applied within seven (7) days to denuded areas that may not be at final grade but which will remain dormant (undisturbed) for longer than thirty (30) days. I further understand that failure to comply with such requirements within three (3) working days following a documented notice by the Amherst County Department of Community Development will result in a citation for each day the violation remains uncorrected thereafter and that the penalty for each violation is one hundred dollars ($100.00). I hereby grant the County of Amherst the right to enter upon the subject property periodically for inspections to ensure compliance with the Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance.
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